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7-Year Address History Search

A 7-Year Address History Search is usually the first search performed in tenant screening services as it identifies name and jurisdictional search criteria to be utilized in criminal record (and other) searches.

A 7-Year Address History Search further assists in discovering “red flags” of potential deceptive activities and helps to eliminate fraudulent Social Security Number use by confirming that the provided SSN is valid and the Applicant is associated with the SSN provided.

What It Provides

This search identifies aliases and addresses associated with an Applicant, thereby offering cross-referencing capabilities to information provided on an Applicant’s application. Additionally, this search establishes vital search criteria for criminal, and other, record inquiries.

A 7-Year Address History Search also examines an Applicant’s Social Security Number to ensure that it is within a valid range and identifies the state and year of issuance. The number is also checked against the deceased records of the Social Security Administration, providing further protection against SSN fraud.