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They are people who don’t need another problem in their lives and now they have a big one, finding a new place to live. An Omaha apartment complex is making the move to shed its Section 8 tenants.

 Imagine being on a fixed income of about $500-$700 a month and you have 60 days to move, 60 days to come up with deposits, 60 days to find money to pay movers and you have to continue to pay your monthly bills. Things could get pretty scary before the end of April.

Teresa Teater was shocked when she received a letter from her apartment complex at 108th and Fort, telling her she has 60 days to move because they are no longer participating in the voluntary Section 8 housing program. That program helps Teresa pay her rent.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t have any money to move, I don’t have any resources, I don’t have a truck, I don’t have any friends to help. I have nothing.”

 Avalon Hills management says choosing not to participate in the Section 8 program is just a business decision. Management is doing nothing illegal and gave Section 8 tenants a 60-day notice instead of the required 30 days.

 The Douglas County Housing Authority says it will do everything it can to help clients find another place to live. “We will work with them to give them a list of what’s out there for them,” said Joan Bertolini with the DCHA. “They have a lot of choices, they have a voucher, they’re not losing their housing assistance, they’re just not able to live at that apartment complex anymore.”

 It is little comfort to Teresa, but landlords sometimes change their Section 8 rules and nothing about it is illegal. “You just don’t do this to people who are on a fixed income that plan to be here.”

Avalon Hills management says Teresa and the other Section 8 tenants can reapply to live in the complex without Section 8 help.

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