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POPLAR GROVE – More former tenants of a Harvard-based landlord accused of neglect of several properties have come forward accusing the landlord, William Perez, of similar issues.  The tenants from his most recent condemned property spoke with us and showed us pictures of the raw sewage they were exposed to.

“We lived in raw sewage for days and he said it was okay,” said Tyrone White.

White, his girlfriend plus her two kids rented theState Streetproperty William Perez owned in Poplar Grove.  White says problems started for his family after neighbors had work done on their septic system.  It caused raw sewage to seep into his home’s two bathrooms, preventing his family from keeping hygiene without the aid of bottled water and paper towels.  But when White says he called Perez, he says he was nowhere to be found.

“The first three days we were trying to get in touch with the landlord, you know?  What do we do?” said White.

Perez finally sent someone to fix the problems.  White claims the worker who came out to rectify the issue had commented to him that he had been at the property before and said the pipes to the house were broken.  According to White, Perez had instructed the handyman to just snake the pipes, which White says just made matters worse.

“Whatever they did to the pipes, it seemed like the smell wasn’t even that bad at first,” said White.  “But it’s like they opened up a whole new avenue with this and it got real bad.”


Since the health department condemned the property last week, White and his family are now homeless.  He says both he and his girlfriend are unemployed.  They were put up in a hotel for a week thanks to several charity organizations, but now they must stay with friends until they can find work and another place to live.

WTVO/WQRF has had repeated contact with William Perez, but he has repeatedly declined the opportunity to do an interview.  Michelle Courier,BooneCountyState’s Attorney, says she’s aware of the issue and is now reviewing the file to decide whether to pursue legal action against Perez.

We just found out today that Perez doctored a letter from the county’s health department to give to the family from yesterday’s story involving the same property but different tenants.  Those tenants, theDowns, say they’re in contact with a lawyer regarding their eviction under false pretense.


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