Property Management

Mega Group Online delivers comprehensive tenant screening services to landlords, property managers and realtors nationwide. We help you develop a program that best suits your tenant screening needs, while offering the most comprehensive and enhanced tenant screening products in today’s market, including high risk fraud alerts, nationwide evictions and criminal searches with aliases, debt-to-income-to-rent calculator and tenant rental history reports, as well as additional proprietary searches.

Create an online account and receive results in real time delivery, with many results returned within minutes. Ordering is easy and reports are comprehensive, yet easy to understand. Conduct your screening on an as-needed basis with no long-term commitment. You also have the option of managing the cost yourself or having your tenant pay for the screening directly.

The implementation of a custom-designed yet cost effective tenant screening program is a significant component to the success of today’s rental relationships. Partnering with MGO affords you the power to identify and eliminate unfavorable tenants, minimize rental risk and prevent problems that could have a negative impact on your investment. And current tenants will rest assured knowing that their community neighbors underwent the same screening process.