Property Management

Tenant Scorecard

The Tenant Score Card is an ideal tool for landlords and property managers who work out of a home office and thereby do not comply with credit bureau standards to receive detailed credit reports. For those who do comply with bureau standards and can receive a detailed credit report, a Tenant Scorecard eliminates the inconsistency and delays of manually reviewing a credit report. In both instances, a Tenant Scorecard helps take the guesswork out of choosing the right tenant and ensures you are getting the right tenants in the right properties. Accurate, automated, and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination liability.

A Tenant Scorecard is completely customizable to your 'recommendation criteria', with every tenant receiving a "Pass" "Fail" or "Conditional" rating based upon your criteria.

What It Provides

A Tenant Scorecard offers a comprehensive view of a prospective tenant’s credit worthiness and credit history and provides improved decision turnaround time and simplified compliance. Included in a Tenant Scorecard is the tenant’s credit score and credit summary (including liens, judgments, collections, delinquencies and bankruptcies). Click here to view MGO’s Tenant Scorecard

Available 'recommendation criteria' include:

"Type" and "date" of certain credit elements

Income-to-rent ratio

Income-to-debt ratio

Credit Score

Trade-line payment history

Collection/charge off history

Bankruptcy history

Tax lien history

Judgment history

Set special rules for medical collections, student loans, and amounts owed to property managers.